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FARO DMVS – a new approach to Machine Vision

The FARO Dynamic Machine Vision Sensor (FARO DMVS), is a new, one-of-a kind high speed 3D/2D vision system that enables tight integration of verification and vision guidance capabilities for applications in which inline assembly verification, rapid recognition of defects, quick identification of object types or recognition of an object´s position in 3D space are key attributes.

As the FARO DMVS captures 3D data while either the sensor or the part to be measured moves, the sensor can be mounted on a robot or a linear axis or easily be integrated into gate-like solutions where parts and assemblies are moved along the production line.

The hybrid sensor reliably captures detailed 3D point cloud data and 2D grayscale images with unparalleled efficiency:
Inspect and verify complex parts, complicated assemblies and typically difficult-to-capture materials without stopping or slowing down the production line and implement efficient, consistent material / product handling processes without unnecessary stops.

The FARO DMVS is designed to function in lighting conditions where traditional sensors struggle or fail and able to survive in the most demanding environments.

This one-of-a kind design and its outstanding capabilities make the FARO DMVS an essential, versatile building block for 3D verification and vision guidance in systems integration.

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