Questions & Answers

Things to know about the program…

Pre-register at Your data will be reviewed internally before you receive confirmation of participation.

The membership is free of charge.

Please contact your regional FARO Sales representative or call the local FARO office.

As an Early Adopter you will have direct contact with our Labs team. We will provide you with regular updates concerning what we are currently working on.

Within the test phase of new products, you may receive email communications or phone calls from the product management or Labs Team.

Please note, that your contact details will be kept confidential to FARO and will not be shared with anyone outside of FARO.

The product will be well-engineered technically and all security aspects will be considered and integrated beforehand.

If you anyway want to ensure the viability of the product, we are happy to invite you for a tryout.

We aim to offer you the best solutions to optimize your current workflow. As we strive a co-development with our members, we will of course offer our members a technology trial run for around two weeks.

We will offer software product upgrades free of charge.

Depending on the product type of EA hardware products, we will offer you an attractive deal as soon as the product has been introduced to the mass market.

Time is always limited. We will try to ensure that the time spent will be aligned to the available time of our members.

The warranty will be offered on a product by product basis.

For more information, please contact your local sales representative.

If you are not interested in the FARO Early Adopter Program anymore, please send an email stating the reasons, to